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Do you want to talk about your career?

I work with people who are thinking about changing their career direction or who are looking to manage their career better. I help them make the changes they want to create a more fulfilling working life.

I work with people who want to make changes in their working life 

Whether you are feeling stuck in a rut, not progressing as quickly as you’d like, or feeling you’ve lost sight of what you are really good at, career coaching helps you reflect on your skills and experience, identify what you are best at and discover what really matters to you.


By putting a firm focus on your unique skills, experience and motivation, a career coaching conversation with me will help you explore, reflect, reconnect and plan.

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My clients are often early or
mid-career professionals seeking something different

Clients approach me when they want support in changing aspects of their working lives that they are not happy with. For some this is about working out how to move on. For others it’s about rebuilding confidence or rediscovering what they really enjoy doing. Some may be facing a change forced by redundancy or restructuring. Many of my clients are happy in their chosen career but need some help thinking about how they can develop and progress. Others are looking for a complete change and want to explore what their future path could be. 

With more than twenty years’ experience in developing and coaching people, I can help you work out the changes you want to make.

I start with you and your goal


An in-depth six hour package is ideal to work through your options.


This fast track three-hour package works if you know what you want, but could use some help planning how to get there.


Two or three sessions to focus on your career development provide ample opportunity to plot your future.


What my clients say


“I found Sue’s coaching style to be an ideal balance of challenging, inspiring, thoughtful and supportive”


Rebecca, 30, chief of staff


“Sue is an engaging coach and this was well worth the experience” 

Anna, 46, middle manager


"Sue helped me recognise the skills I have and helped me understand the future choices I could make"

Jason, 41, supervisor

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