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Whatever your goal, there is a coaching package for you. Packages differ in length and focus but each will help you reflect, reconnect and plan your next steps.

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...perfect if you want to invest time taking stock of your career and exploring  future possibilities and options.

Four 90-minute sessions, spread over two months, allows plenty of time to review your skills, experience and motivations and to help you identify where and how you thrive. Armed with these insights, we visualise the possibilities for your future and develop an action plan to support your next steps.

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PLAN best if you  have a clear goal but need help putting it into action.

PLAN is for people in a hurry. You'll already be clear about where you are heading, but could use some help working out how to get there. Two 90-minute sessions are usually sufficient to create an action plan to get you started.


...has been designed for you, if you are happy with what you do but want to manage your career better.

Whether you are looking for support in planning your next career move, need to take control of your work life balance or want to focus on your career development, BUILD will help you focus your efforts. BUILD takes place over two or three 90-minute sessions.

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