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Get to know me and my approach to
career coaching 


Professional, Supportive, Insightful

I’ve worked as an HR professional in large organisations, specialising in Learning and Development and talent management for the last twenty years. I qualified as an Executive Coach ten years ago and three years ago as a career coach.


I have changed my career direction three times - so I know it can be done. 


I will work with you to help you make the changes you want - whether big or small. Together we will reflect on your skills and experience, the things that motivate you and the things you really love to do. We’ll create future possibilities for you and when you’re ready, with my support, you’ll draw up your plan for your future.

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I love helping people develop and fulfill their potential

I use a structured framework to support my coaching, but my approach always starts with you. 

We'll start by clarifying your goals and then together we will draw out your skills, interests and motivations. We'll reflect on when you are at your best, what's important to you and the best work environment for you. We'll explore your options - including  possibilities you may not have thought of. Then, together, we'll create an action plan to get you on your way.

In our coaching conversations I will listen, be curious and offer support, empowering you to work out your next steps.

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